Company Overview

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch is a leading egg production and processing company based in Michigan. Operating in this location since 1958, Herbruck’s remains a family owned and operated business, employing a well-trained team of 400.

We supply retail and food service customers nationwide with shell eggs, whole liquid eggs, and hard-cooked peeled eggs. Our premium shell eggs and specialty eggs – including organic and cage-free – are sold under our customers’ store brands and under the names Green Meadow, Herbruck’s, and Eggland’s Best. Herbruck’s has been a distributor of Eggland’s Best, Inc. for nearly 20 years.


As a fully integrated business, Herbruck’s owns and carefully manages all facets of egg production and processing, including:

  • Breeding and carefully selecting genetic traits
  • Raising superior pullets
  • Providing attentive care for laying hens
  • Automated egg production and processing
  • Inventory control and timely direct store delivery
  • Growing grains for our own feed
  • Blending feed to specialized formulas (feed mill)
  • Producing and distributing dried fertilizer products

Herbruck’s also supports hundreds of independent family farms by purchasing their grain as feed, both organic and conventional. We also partner with more than 25 small farms that produce organic and cage-free eggs to our high standards.


Within the industry, Herbruck’s is recognized for its record of innovation in technology and management techniques. Team members are encouraged to find solutions to challenges and suggest better ways to accomplish tasks. As a result of this forward-looking approach, Herbruck’s was a national leader in:

  • Using bulk carts for retail store deliveries
  • Offering wide-scale direct store door delivery
  • Providing the 18-egg carton
  • Devising and using robots for egg packing
  • Developing and using computerized monitoring equipment for the henhouse, the processing line, and HACCP (food processing)
  • Creating strict guidelines for hen husbandry
  • Processing poultry litter into dried fertilizer products
  • Developing litter-to-fuel technology
  • Implementing automated product traceability for food safety

All of these advancements grow out of our longstanding commitment to proper animal care, food safety, environmental quality, and social responsibility.


Herbruck’s Fast Facts

Family members involved:


Laying hens:


Contract farms:


Processing plants:




Feed production:



400 in 4 locations

6 million

85 total


1.6 billion eggs a year

3, all in Ionia County, Michigan

800 miles of automated egg conveyors

Four 180,000-eggs-per-hour graders

Two 144,000-eggs-per-hour breakers

4,000 tons per week

48 states through the Eggland’s Best network, with a concentration in the Midwest


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