Common Questions Regarding Potential Expansion of Herbruck’s in Pennsylvania

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch is currently considering an expansion of our fourth-generation family egg company in the Mercersburg, PA area.

Below are some questions and answers regarding this extension of our family business. More information about our company is available here

Who are the Herbrucks?

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch is a fourth-generation family egg producer based in Ionia County, Michigan. Our company was founded in 1958 by Harry and Marilyn Herbruck in Ionia County and our roots stretch back to the late 1920’s, when Harry Herbruck, Sr. started a Michigan-based egg business. Today, Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch is managed by brothers Stephen Herbruck, Greg Herbruck and Herb Herbruck. We take pride in carrying on our family business, and we’re always focused on maintaining our strong reputation of doing what’s right by our neighbors, business partners and community.

What are you planning to do?

Our plan is to construct poultry barns in the area to house cage-free and organic laying hens. Our barns use the most modern technology in the egg industry. Our operations would use the same advanced technology we’ve used in all of our new Michigan facilities.

Our plans have not been finalized yet, and we want to partner with the local community, and with community leaders every step of the way.

Why did you select this area?

One of the major reasons we believe the Mercersburg area could be a good fit is the long tradition of agriculture in the community. At Herbruck’s we rely on an abundance of local businesses and farmers for local services, grain, feed, packaging and supplies. Local partnerships have been a cornerstone of our business approach in Michigan.

For our company’s strategic vision, an expansion is an opportunity to better serve our customers on the East Coast as demand increases for our high-quality products.

Do you anticipate creating local jobs at the facility?

If we move forward, we are committed to employing local contractors for the construction of the barns and other buildings. We anticipate that we would create an estimated 190 full-time jobs once operational.

We are proud to pay competitive wages and salaries, we pay 100% of the employee health insurance premium, and provide a competitive vacation package, short term disability, life insurance and profit sharing for our employees.

Because we are still in the planning stages, we cannot provide a timeline for hiring or job announcements, but we will be sure to share this information with the community if we move forward with an expansion.

What about the environmental impact of an egg facility?

As part of our strong commitment to being a good neighbor, we strive to minimize all impacts on our neighbors from our facilities.

For example, Herbruck’s developed a technology that processes hen litter into organic fertilizer, on site. This technology isn’t in use anywhere else in the nation, drastically reduces odors and provides a nutrient-rich fertilizer for local farmers. Herbruck’s also uses energy efficient equipment and processes at all facilities.

We’re always looking for new, modern solutions to lead the way in our industry. 

What is your record on animal care?

Our core philosophy has always been: “We serve the bird. The bird doesn’t serve us.”

That’s why we’re proud to lead on animal care. Experience shows that the more attentive we are to our birds’ security, health, and welfare, the more high-quality eggs they produce. Herbruck’s operations have some of the highest egg production rates in the nation.

We have also led the industry in cage-free farming – providing a free-roaming living environment for our hens. We have not built a cage since 2004 as consumer demand for cage-free eggs has grown. All of our new facilities are designed as cage-free and organic systems that are also designed to keep hens safe, healthy and happy.

What is the timeline for this project?

Our number-one consideration is to conduct any expansion the right way – taking the time needed to work with community leaders, members of the community, and local businesses.

We do not have an estimated time frame, but we are committed to sharing updates on this website, through the local media, as well as regular conversations with members of the community and the community leaders.  

Where can I learn more about Herbruck’s?

More information about our company is available throughout this website. We are always available to answer additional questions. Questions can be sent to