Always striving for the best.

Michigan Grown Family Owned

Michigan Grown – Family Owned

Herbruck’s has a long history of family. We came to Saranac in 1958 and as we have grown we maintain the small family farm mentality. We employ, develop, and empower people who share our vision for the being the best egg producer in the land, considering our team our greatest success.

Innovation Drives Our Culture

Raised with the mentality that it can be done, we always strive to accomplish more. At Herbruck’s we work with the knowledge that you can always do better, be more efficient, consume less energy, take better care of resources, and produce a better product.

Best Practices Equal Highest Quality

Best Practices Equal Highest Quality

From our farm to your table the superior quality egg is the best value we can provide to our customers. Great eggs come from healthy chickens and Herbruck’s is involved in setting the highest standards starting in our hatchery all the way to your grocery store shelf.

Culture of Community

Culture of Community

As a family-run business, it’s important to us – just as it was for our parents and grandparents – that Herbruck’s be a good employer, a good neighbor, and a good corporate citizen. We’re not just an egg operation, we’re part of our community.

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Herbruck’s deep-rooted culture of community shines through in many ways:

  • Weekly egg donations to food banks, disaster relief agencies, and community organizations – totaling nearly one million eggs per year
  • Frequent community event sponsorships
  • A yearly community breakfast hosted and served by our staff
  • Egg donations to the local firefighters' annual pancake breakfast, an all-day fundraiser
  • Cooperation with neighbors and the surrounding community on our corporate environmental quality program
  • Sourcing locally first – almost all of Herbruck’s organic and vegetarian feed ingredients are sourced from within the state
  • Contractual partnerships with many smaller family farms, who care for thousands of our cage-free and organic laying hens
  • Employee wellness program, training and development opportunities, competitive wages and incentives